Knitting Help

Knitting This is a great website for a beginner, to shows how to do all of the basic stitches that you will need to knit and has this info in video format. It also contains forums and patterns. All free!
The Knitting site videos This site has videos for the left handed knitter, also free patterns.
Knitting instructions from How stuff works, really covers a wide amount of into with good photos.
Lion Brand LionBrand has a learning center with knit and crochet instructions (diagrams), abbreviations, stitch finder, lots of patterns and of course you can purchase their yarns.
Learn to This site has an extensive amount of photos on how to knit, with all stitches and includes examples of English and Continental methods. Basic knitting patterns and other info.
Gauge, everything you need to know and then some, see link at side
Got Gauge
? this site tell you all about it, how to get it, and how important it is
Thinking beyond the pattern from Knitty and Jenna Wilson, a great in depth article on gauge and how it alters your finished item.

The Knitting All kinds of good how to's
Knitfits, patterns, gauge info, knitting software, very nice! Has knitting videos, this is how I finally mastered the Magic loop!
Swatching An excellent article by the Knitting Curmudgeon on swatching and gauge
Tech This website has a great list of tutorials, have questions on how to do something? Look here, an index blog, unbelieveable amount of info.
Two toe up socks or one toe up sock tutorial by come to silver. great tutorial
You Has a ever expanding collection of videos showing various knitting, crochet and spinning techniques. This medium is a wonderful substitute for a live person.
How to buy enough yarn by wool A handy chart to help you figure out how much yarn you need, keep it in your purse.

Crochet help 

Free Crochet Stitches Haas Design Online videos and diagrams to help you learn Has great how to crochet videos, thanks Brittany! Is a great crochet community.