Knitting Pattern Links

Cool Things (before we get to the patterns, if I put it last you might miss it)

Knitting Pattern Translator- yes knit that pattern you found when you were traveling.
The Incredible, custom knit raglan Yes it baby steps you though everything, so you can knit a raglan sweater that fits, with the yarn you want.
The Knitting Generators, for everything from sweaters to headbands, and of course dog sweaters.
Make you own knitting graph paper, thanks to the knitting fiend, didn't want you to over look this
Top Down Raglan Pullover Using percentages, (think Elizabeth Zimmerman here)
The Daily Chum From Lime N Violet Because we can't have too many good ideas
Knitting store locator from Mapmuse I always try to use this before I set out to travel anywhere, we always need more yarn.

Stitch N Find a knitting group in your area or start one

How to buy enough yarn from wool, out shopping without a pattern? Put this chart in your purse and you can get a rough idea of how much to buy

Make your own Book Want to put all of your patterns, photos etc. into a book, here is a site that will help you do it.

Now for the pattern links... Collection of knitted items, wide range of patterns and skill level, must register. (crochet patterns also)
Berrocco  Has some free patterns and some to purchase.
Canada Large variety of patterns, hard to find what you are looking for.
Cat An unusual designer, these are worth looking  at.
C  Pattern for premies, Baby knit patterns, also crochet.
Caron.comSome basic knit patterns. Small amount of knitting patterns and some crochet, cute.
Colorful  Good selection of patterns.  A little bit of everything
Come to - just a few for now but very pretty.
Craft Large variety. divided into types of patterns.
Cryatal Palace Lots of patterns, good index
Daily Knitting patterns with a good directory, also knitting reviews, news, and help. Good site.  Small amount of free pattens.
Extreme Several patterns from Jennifer Rose Thurston. Free knitting and crochet patterns, yes I didn't know they were they either. Good surprise.

Free Felting Patterns Mostly bags, pet beds and hats.

Free Has knitting, crochet, and many craft patterns. 
Fleegle Heel sock Very interesting way to make a sock heel, this is a toe up pattern, lots of people swear by it.
Free Knitting patterns  A small selection of knitting patterns..
Free Knitting  Large index of free patterns. Good variety, good organization.
Fuzzy  Fun patterns for Fuzzygalore
Hello Fun patterns and she blogs!
Interweave Patterns and more
Ipod mittens, pdf file, free pattern, knit both at the same time
Jimmy Beans Nice patterns, not too many, but worth taking a look
Knitters This is a great website, everything you want to know, calenders of fiber fairs, reviews, forums, don't know something, you can probably find it here.
Knit A list of knitting pattern links, good assortment
Knit A online knitting magazine, if not subscribed you can still see a limited area of it, including a few patterns. We all love knit picks and they have some free patterns
Knitting A blog with nice patterns, thanks Sarah
Knitting Free knit and crochet patterns, blog, forums, lots of good stuff here..
Knitting on the Net.Many patterns, easy to find in catagories
Knitting on the net Free sock patterns (I don't want you to overlook them)
Knitting Pattern Links to many, many patterns of all kinds Online kntting and spinning mag, fab free patterns, articles, messages boards and more, also a great spinning section, new edition 4 times a year.
Knitty It says it is an online link to thousands of knitting and crochet patterns, organized well.
Lion Brand A hugh amount of pattern, crochet and knitting.
Marnie Good patterns, and a great blog A super knitting community, you just have to go there,
Rowan Who doesn't love Rowan patterns?
Schaefer Not many but pretty patterns.
Simple Wow check out her blog, she has 352 Triangle shawl patterns, plus other types. Free patterns!
Spin craft patterns, not free but interesting patterns, a free catalog, includes sweater from the top, and sweater from the bottom.

The knitting Some patterns from yes, the knitting geek
Vintage Great info abbreviations, patterns, needle conversions, and more Many great patterns, good organization

Crochet sites
Crochet pattern central  Has a wide variety of patterns, plus tutortials.
Crochet patterns only  Cute patterns, majority are children or household items.

If you have any free patterns that you would like me to link to just send me a email

knittingdragonflies at gmail dot com